Projects for students

Hi everyone,

I started PMDojo a global and diverse learning community last year as my passion initiative to help make tech more inclusive, diverse and accessible for all.

I lead a 10 week Product Accelerator where students gain practical and industry experience to launch a real product. In 10 weeks, students in small diverse teams design, build and launch a validated product (v1) while they learn and receive mentorship.

I wanted to reach out here to any Founders who are looking to launch their MVP, a product or perhaps have an idea that you are not able to explore due to time/resources or bandwidth.

I would love to chat and see if we might be able to collaborate together.

My email is [email protected]



Thank you Bosky for posting!So if I understand, do the students work on launching the product on behalf of the founder? Or is this kind of a longer version of a hackathon where students can build new products under the mentorship of founders/professionals?
HI Iynna,Thank you for the question - this is not a hackathon and all mentorship is provided by PMDojo. The participants are professionals who are looking to pivot into product and while they go through our Accelerator, they launch it on behalf of the Founder (s). Offcourse the Founders are available to answer their questions and guide them along. Hope this helps, happy to answer any questions as well - please feel to email me at [email protected]ThanksBosky