First Job? How to spot the signs that you are in a toxic working environment

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Thank you for sharing your journey and learnings! I shook my head so hard @ "I was given a 25% salary increase which was used against me in future salary negotiations". I'm glad you're able to spot all of these now and appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences!
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It's unfortunate, but I'm definitely able to identify these problems sooner and hope they don't happen for others in my position!
Did they give you a raise after you left?curious what that story was
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Hi @Kathie192. No, I wasn't given a raise after I left the company. My 25% raise was given 6 months into working for the company. However, future raises were still sparse and I was continually underpaid for the next 3 and a half years.
This is so important for young professionals to watch out for, and women should evaluate this during the interview process, before they find themselves in a potentially toxic environment. I would say that in addition to observing how the other women at the company are treated, you should proactively outreach to female employees during the interview stage to understand their experiences - find out what opportunities they had for advancement, how they view the office dynamics, and how they felt their identity was viewed by their peers and managers (I'd try to find this information out from a coffee chat session, rather than in an interview). If you do explicitly ask about culture in an interview setting, I'd pay attention to whether they are able to provide concrete examples or if it seems aspirational.