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Hi Elphas!

My name is Sherrell Dorsey, and I am an award-winning data journalist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author teaching the world to redefine who gets to create and participate in the future.

In 2016, I founded The Plug, the first Black data-driven tech news publication to syndicate on the Bloomberg Terminal, which was acquired in 2023 by ImpactAlpha.

As a TED Tech podcast host, I provide in-depth analysis and commentary on technologies changing society and how these advancements can provide opportunities for more underserved Americans to participate in an increasingly automated and digital world.

My first book, Upper Hand: The Future of Work for the Rest of Us, published by Wiley in 2021, connects everyday people and communities to opportunities and resources to upskill or retrain for in-demand careers, both present and future, so that they do not get left behind in the sweeping changes technology is bringing across industries.

I have had the opportunity to walk across many stages as a keynote speaker, host, and moderator at some of the leading companies in the world, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Accenture, Bloomreach, Cisco, and others.

You can find some of my work featured in VICE, The Washington Post, Seattle Times, The Information, Columbia Journalism Review, and more.

I earned my stripes working for companies like Uber and Google Fiber. I hold a Master's in data journalism from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in international trade and marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Ask me anything about my journey into tech, data journalism, DEI in tech, the future of work, becoming a better advocate for marginalized communities, public speaking tips, going through an acquisition, or anything else!

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Edit: For those of you who've missed it, our call recording is here!

Thanks so much for joining us @SDorsey!Elphas – please ask @SDorsey your questions before Friday, November 17th. @SDorsey may not have time to answer every questions, so emoji upvote your favorites 🔥👍🏾➕
Looking forward to this! Sherrel, I'm a recent graduate running a freelance copywriting business. What advice do you have for making a name for myself?
That's an awesome question, Kaitlin! Make sure you come to the OH this friday at 3pm eastern, so you can have this question directly addressed to you (having run those for the last several months, there's also usually room to ask follow up questions if you have any!)
I'll be there!
Thanks for making the time, Sherrell! What are some public speaking tips you have for those of us who are shy?
So excited for this one and to know that we'll do this live too!thank you for being with us this week, Sherell! Some "personal" questions which I hope are okay to ask- why did you want to be a journalist? ie. what felt appealing to you in this profession- how did you get your first speaking gigs and if you are able to share your best negotiation tips to get them to pay you.- now that you've been acquired (congratsss) what is next for you?
So awesome that you founded the first Black tech news publication on Bloomberg Terminal! I'm curious on how you think about representation in today's tech reporting — has the landscape shifted to topics that are more pertinent to marginalized and underrepresented communities? And, is there anything tech journalism can do better in overall?
that's a fantastic question! And I had not even considered the trends in tech reporting and reporting even in general but like everything I am sure we're seeing some changes (good and/or bad)
I wanted to say I genuinely enjoyed getting The Plug newsletter before it was sunset.
@SDorsey Thank you for hosting the office hour and taking questions. In the past 5 years have you seen any software skills become an expected attribute to get your foot in the door for an entry level customer service position that doesn't list coding requirements?
Hi Sherrell, what an amazing background! A couple of questions:1) What are some of the top upskilling/retraining resources and opportunities that you recommend?2) How has your degree from FIT influenced (if at all) your views and your work in data journalism and DEI?
Thanks for hosting this! I'm curious to hear your thoughts around upskilling and how to approach this. I'm curious about learning more about data visualization and analysis, but because I don't have much background it's felt harder to take on self-study as I get lost pretty early on. At the same time, diving into a full-on degree or program feels daunting. Any tips for how to think about upskilling, from identifying what skill sets might be helpful to managing workload to balance the time it takes to learn new things.
Spot on Kasha! Upskilling is key especially when you look at talent becoming increasingly good and competition becoming fiercer. I'd be curious to get Sherrell's take on this also! I mentioned it above but make sure you tune in for the live office hours so Sherrell can address your questions live (and hopefully you can have a convo on this)
+1 curious to hear Sherrell's thoughts on this! Don't forget to RSVP here to hear her answer your qs live: