year end reflection - free online Meetup with Year Compass

Hey all :)

Who here is a fan of a Year Compass? 🧭

(If you don't know it, it's an amazing year-end reflection booklet, highly recommended)

And who here struggles to find 4-5 h to fill it in and could use a bit of accountability and motivation in getting it done? 😅

This year, convinced by couple of Happiness Academy community members who keep on asking for it every year, I am hosting a simple online Meetup.Two timeslots available:

lazy Saturday afternoon (for CET - or morning for US East Coast) on 25th of November, or Tuesday workday afternoon (for CET - or early evening for East Asia) on 14th of December.

It is free, yet requires signup -

I am very much looking forward to share some deep yet enjoyable reflection and positive vibes with everyone who joins ✨Will I see you there?

ayeee one of my favourite topics of discussion haha!
yeeey, mine too - all with life design, bucket lists, year reflections :)))) love where dreamy mode meets action mode :D
We’ve missed you, Mirna! So happy to have you back :)
Oh, life's been busyyyy... primarily with many exciting life plans (loads of travel, loads of horses, got married and much more going on :D), and also with many exciting work plans (new workshops, both with new trainers and with positive psychology :)) - but also happy to be back :) I hope I will be around a bit more often :)
Sounds interesting - excited to join!
This is great, excited to join.