What kind of social entrepreneurship are your passionate about?

What are your fields of interest? What drove you to be passionate about social entrepreneurship?

What kind of purpose, vision, problems do you care about contributing to?

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I worked with 21 village women in rural India during undergrad, working with them to create paper bags that could be sold on our university campus. It was a deeply fulfilling experience to see these women take on the entire operations over time and earn some income. It stayed with meThe top of mind areas of interest:- mobility for women - in terms of earnings, learning opportunities, leadership - 2nd innings : for career returning moms, for senior citizens who have retired at their- access to mental health
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So glad this page exists! I built my coaching practice with the following core issues in mind:- closing the wage gap- salary transparency- helping women build rule-breaking wealth and the influence that comes along with it- corporate exit as a means of healing from workplace trauma- mental health at work- intersectional feminism If any of these resonate I'd love to chat!