Looking for entrepreneurs for my beta group programhttps://www.femmelab.co/

At FEMMELAB, our mission is to empower women to create ventures that positively impact the world. To support this goal, I am launching our very first FEMMELAB GROUP COACHING program. For 6 weeks, six women will meet to discuss their business challenges, and work together to create infinite possibilities.Through coaching, group brainstorming, and radical candor, we will work together to bring your business to the next level and teach you how to apply a coaching mindset in your career and in life. If you are interested in collaborating with other kick-ass women to work through challenges and feel both empowered and inspired, we would LOVE to have you in our beta run. Feel free to reach out on Elpha or email me at [email protected]
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This is awesome I hope you find people to join in! It sounds like a little mini Mastermind!