Female + Entrepreneur vulnerability project: I would love feedback!https://www.femmelab.co/

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Hey @samanthahenderson! I love this. 1) Yes! I started something similar with forum-type sessions (http://sarahikeda.github.io/startswithhello). I found it tricky to match entrepreneurs, cause they varied in stage of company and industry.2) Yes, it could be! It's hard for me to tell without the newsletter in front of me (sorry if I missed that! Is it the website?)3) The writeups on your website about the women who joined Femme Lab was the most powerful thing. It made it seem real and I was impressed with people's backgrounds!
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Hi Sarah, thank you for such a thoughtful response. Here is a copy of the most recent newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/402aa1ddbaf8/issue4I'd love to chat and hear how your forum group is going.
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I'd be down for a podcast. Or even just a trial to see how a first stab turns out. I think it's SO important to gather likeminded (ie. supportive, anti-catty) women. There's strength in numbers.
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Thanks Gentry! I'd love to do a podcast with you! The first interview with you was amazing.
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@Gentry - I laughed so hard st "anti catty" but real talk though.. I am 100% with you!