Bridging the tech diversity and opportunity gap. Michelle Glauser, founder of Techtonica.Featured

I spoke with @michelleglauser, Founder and CEO of Techtonica, an organization providing a free, 6-month training program with subsequent job placement for women and non-binary individuals with low incomes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Michelle started working at a tech startup in 2012, where she took on several non-engineering related roles. She quickly saw the financial empowerment that came with programming skills and engineering jobs, and thus entered a coding bootcamp that opened doors to jobs that soon tripled her initial salary. Inspired, she wanted to create similar opportunities for others. But she soon realized that the challenges facing women in tech were not solely skill-based but broader and cultural as well. She was speaking with another woman in engineering who had been in company recruiting ads and as a result was receiving emails from men asking her out and remarks stating she was “too hot to be an engineer.” The two got together and sought to turn the frustrating situation into a positive movement, generating greater awareness and community among underrepresented people in tech through social media, where they started an PostsResourcesTermsPrivacySitemap© 2024 Elpha