Desk Chair Recommendations?

Hi Elphas! I'm soon switching to work fully remote and I'm curious if you have recommendations for desk chairs? Thanks :)
I splurged and got an Aeron Chair because I spend most of my day sitting. Great purchase!
+1 for the Aeron chair. Check out liquidation stores near you—we got ours half off! There might be companies going out of business that are trying to get rid of a bunch as well. Definitely worth investing in a good chair.
After too many back issues even in the most expensive ergo chair (yes Aeron lol), I went sit/stand desk + kneeling stool - which has been a lifesaver. No matter how expensive the chair I always slouch; while this isn't perfect, it's leaps and bounds better for me.
Yup, I love the Aeron chair. Consider LucyN's post, also.
I just upgraded mine. I wanted something big and comfy, almost like a mini lounge chair so I went with a La Z Boy executive chair model. $300- it was a great buy.