Tips and tricks for getting paid keynotesFeatured

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Wow this is incredible and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing. These are great actionable tips for a future keynote speaker like myself!
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So fantastic! Thank you for sharing all of these amazing tips and your wonderful and inspiring story.
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This is so inspiring, Camille!! I’d love to read the post that piqued CapOne’s interest. Could you share a link to that - or another? So happy to hear your perspective and voice on cultural bias in AI is turning heads and finding the platform it deserves. So so so important. F yeah.
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What is also key is your message is important and new! And people realize they need to hear it.
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Camille, you're a huge inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing these badass tips! I'm wondering if you're opening to sharing any tips or steps on how to properly price paid speaking gigs? Workshop vs. talk, charging by hour vs. per person or half day vs. full day rates, etc.
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Very insightful and actionable. This year I am working on getting paid speaking engagements in the USA and Canada. I completed my doctorate in 2018 and my focus was strategies that black women use to obtain VC funding for tech companies and I am ready to share my knowledge. I spent 2019 moving full time into entrepreneurship and working with accelerators and creating programs of my own in the Caribbean.
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Thanks for putting this piece together, Camil. I find it very insightful and hope to write more about my work and sharing more knowledge about what I do and know across my social media platforms. This year has been tagged 'SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT' year for me and I hope to strategically position myself for such