From Duke and UCSF-trained Ophthalmologist to CEO & Co-Founder of a MedTech Startup. I'm Quinn Wang.Featured

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Thanks to you!!! I’m so honored to be featured!! 🤩😘🌹
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Quinn, I knew you were amazing. But. After reading this, I admire you even more now. Would love to meet you one day, I can learn a lot from you. Keep hustling❤️🥂
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Haha, thanks Sheenam. I’m sure we’ll meet soon enough. Wait.. you’re based in Germany right? I’m going to be in Paris 6/21-6/27 for the MIT Grand Hack... maybe we can make something work??
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Awesome post Quinn - I love the comment about littering!
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Thanks!!! You’re amazing!!
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Thanks for sharing about yourself Quinn! Your background and company pursuit is so interesting! Also 🙌to all your hobbies
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What an awesome post, Quinn! Thank you for sharing this about yourself - your energy is fantastic. Love what you're doing.
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Thoroughly enjoyed reading this; an impressive background to say the least. If you are ever in Amsterdam please do let me know!Do you ever ski in the alps?? Im a HUGE skier and need to get out on the slopes more!
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Thanks! My best friend from high school actually moved to Amsterdam recently, so I fully expect to be visiting (I was just there this past September).Never gone skiing in the alps. I’m going on a backcountry ski trip to Chile this August, though — it’s through PowderQuest, and our ski guide will be the one and only Jess McMillan!!!! Stoked!!!
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As a fellow clinician turned pre-seed founder, congrats!! I also frequent the Potrero Hill Community Garden so don't be freaked out if someone knows your name and says hi sometime! :) Best of luck!
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Yesssssss the views and vibe are 🔥🔥🔥Good luck to you as well — perhaps we can join forces one day 🍎
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Thank you for sharing, I wanted to carry on reading!
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Thanks so much for sharing your story! My boyfriend is finally almost done with his MD/PhD and we've been talking about starting a healthcare startup in the future, so really inspiring to see your path.
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I should also mention that he also went to Duke undergrad!
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Blue Devils!!
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Thankyou for sharing, really enjoyed reading that. Your path is very interesting.RBG is such an inspiration. I had to google the word "flâneur" - that's my new word for today.
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Terrific and inspiring. Women like you will change the world. Neat to be co-founding a company as partners. Also a Dukee, residency and faculty until September (Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine).
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Cameron Crazies unite!!!