From MD to YC: Elpha jumpstarted my startup career

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Congratulations Quinn!!!! So happy and proud of you! Keep crushing it!
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Yay! Thanks -- we've all got stuff to CRUSH, and I can't wait to see what other Elphas are CRUSHING!!!
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Wowowow at your new website and video, congrats Quinn! This is such an amazing update to hear! 👯‍♂️
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Thank you so much!!! We're pumped!!
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Product love delivered! Congratulations Quinn!! I've followed your journey through Elpha, and it's so inspiring and cool to see how its unfolded.
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Awwww thank you so much 😌😊🥰😍
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So happy for you Quinn!! You're an inspiration to us all!
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Cynthia -- I'm really lucky to have someone as badass as you in my corner. Legggoooo!!
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Congrats Quinn! That sounds like you have made a great amount of progress. Looking forward to following your journey.
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Hi Dr. Quinn, I sent you a message on LI.