Finding the right technical cofounder

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Great topic! Hoping to learn more about best practices in this area for finding a good technical cofounder. 😊My story: I’m a solo founder who started out with a good friend as a technical cofounder, but she’s going through personal issues that’s keeping from being able to commit and work together. It was tough but we mostly don’t let it affect our friendship, I’m grateful for the outcome though as I do believe it was for the best. In lieu of having a technical cofounder now, I’m focused on building a web app MVP with no-code tools.. but it would be nice to have an experienced fractional CTO now for high level architecture development. So if anyone has suggestions or referrals, I’m all ears...
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Great initiative. I am looking for technical cofounder and keen to meet more women with a build background
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** Project Name **Conversational command-line app for personal finance automation** What I'm looking for **I'm looking for a UI/UX designer/front-end engineer, full-stack engineer fluent in at least 2 of the following languages JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Swift, SQL. Working/unemployed professional, student, LGBTQ+ person at any stage of your life are most welcome!** Short Project Description **My company Sokett is developing a high-end personal finance automation app for retail investor and trader who needs help with building wealth and don't have time to manage their financial wellness. Sokett analyzes bank transactions and optimizes budgets with your personalized goals in no-time and helps you to gain more with less effort.** Team **My name is Masaaki Furuki, a trans woman based in San Francisco. I'm a full-stack engineer with web design/marketing/IT job experiences. I want to make the world a better place for under-appreciated individuals by closing the financial literacy gap with automation. I'm currently a solo founder and actively looking for pre-seed funding opportunities and team.** Why Work With Us **Because you are curious and always learning, you want to make industry-leading innovation in the web user interface or AI that builds with a purpose to make human wealth and change the world a better place for the future. I plan to iterate/launch MVP in a month or two. Please reach me out if you are interested.