Launching a remote work company in France - are you working remotely?

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(I'm not French) but I work remotely because I recently moved to a small town, so I don't have local access to the the calibre of work or companies that I'm looking for. I think the hardest part of working remotely is the lack of a social environment. In an office environment, it's easy to get to know others and make friends through organic interactions. I find that with remote work, most of my conversations happen over messaging tools or scheduled calls, which doesn't allow for much side chatter. I think any company that has a remote team needs to really put an emphasis on team culture and making sure that people feel valued, supported and thought of. Find ways to bring your team together virtually to get to know one another, or if you're in the same region, make plans for groups to meet together in person.
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What's your company about? I know a lady who works for a french company while residing in the US and she isn't too fond about her french colleagues. But this could be the specific type of people, not french people in general. Have you heard about remotive? The guy behind it is french. There are quite a number of active french user in the slack channel.