Land press before the end of the year?

I know I've been quiet lately, but I keep getting inspired and motivated by all of YOU doing amazing things as we are in Q4.šŸš€ In the last few weeks, I've been onboarding new team members (yay), building out new product offers and pipelines, sharing #PR hacks and insights on #podcasts and #media, and hosting workshops to support early-stage #founders to do the same: get credibility and visibility!I've also been in the #creation process of launch my very first #digitalcourse, and the learning curve is steep.I am grateful to have a network of amazing #entreprenuers and creators who have given me such good advice!Today, I will be hosting another PR Workshop with The Female Founder Collective and Visa and I hope you can attend one of my LIVE masterclasses soon!āž”ļø Want in? The next one is Oct 29th at 3pm EST and you can register for free at gloriachoupr dot com / webinar