A service to facilitate team activities to maximize engagement and bonding

Hello Elpha,

With my cofounder we are looking for distributed / hybride companies who have a need to organise team activities / retreat, it could get everyone together from different countries and organise the sequence of events (logistics), organise team socials (bonding), facilitate workshops (recommendation on best format and forum to maximise engagement and outcome).

We have more than 10 years respectively organizing team retreats and facilitating working sessions, both in large corporations and startups, we could share previous engagement we did as an example.

if you think your team need it, we are more than happy to set up a discovery call, understand your needs, and provide you with recommendations.

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This is amazing, thanks for sharing! I've tagged "offers" for you, and you may also want to share it in our brand new monthly Asks & Offer thread here! https://elpha.com/posts/6i9kwutb/elpha-karma-circle-our-monthly-asks-offers-thread-for-october-2021
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Would be interested! Please dm me or email [email protected]
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Thank you! Sending you an email shortly