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@Shanea, thank you for sharing your wisdom! I've been thinking about this topic lately, including getting a second degree in CS. For now, I'm erring on online courses on C and theory, but the academic part of me longs for good ole campus time. One of my biggest knowledge gaps is the right vocabulary for a white board type setting, and now I'll be adding practicing mentally designing large systems :DI'm curious, will CodeSee also support testing frameworks that Eng or QA might develop or use? The tool definitely sounds like something that would help us write test cases and find new cases on top of its other benefits, even if testing isn't explicitly included. That seems to be one of our biggest time sucks. I'll tell my team about CodeSee :D
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That is definitely on the roadmap! Email me Shanea [at] CodeSee.io I'd love to talk to you about what you have in mind! Or give you access to our beta and you can try it out and see if it helps
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Awesome, I will! :D
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Thank you for sharing this advice! I will definitely be coming back to it
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@Shanea thanks for sharing! @Aeryn - I think you'll find this helpful.
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Thank you for this Shanea! There are some really useful and practical tips in here. I'm about 10 months into my first developer job after self-teaching myself into the field as a career change, and I'm finally mentally ready to start studying on my own again so I can keep leveling up.+1 to writing and drawing! I use that strategy a lot when I find myself struggling to build that mental model.Also, I'm totally writing this down:"Read it once, ignoring the things you don’t know. Read it again, noting the things you don’t know. Then, look up everything you don’t know. Finally, read it again."
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Hi Shanea, thank you for sharing! It’s so inspiring to see this many self-taught developers here! I’m about to start learning Python due to a fin tech tool I’m creating. As a non-technical founder, I will still need some high-level understanding of the product so, well, here goes nothing. Any feedback on the best programming language(s) for fin tech using blockchain will be greatly appreciated!
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Unfortunately this isn't my personal area if expertise but I would join a few communities online and ask around
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Hi Shanea,Thank you for sharing!! This reminds me of my current journey on possibly becoming a software developer. Due to a recent job loss, I thought that this can be the opportunity to get into software development. However, I was in the very beginning stages of coding so I needed more time to learn.I’m currently a payroll administrator & I am working on building an employee scheduling & time tracking web application. This is my first project ever so there is a lot of learning happening on my own. I will definitely incorporate your technique of reading, ignoring, reading again, etc into my learning style.Thanks again for sharing 😊