Anyone know good sites to contribute articles?

Hi everyone! I'm looking for any good publication sites to contribute articles for so I can build my writing portfolio.I don't have a particular niche in mind, and I can write anything from essays and articles to poems and short stories. Any ideas?
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How about starting with a medium blog where you build your own portfolio, write about whatever you want and build traction from there before going after external sites?
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Exactly what I was going to suggest! Some Medium publications also accept Medium articles to be shared on their publication, eg. For product design related articles, there's UX Collective:
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In my opinion you should only post on medium IF you hire and editor to edit your work before you post it. If you want to write for better places you should make sure it goes through an editing process. There is so much terrible writing on Medium because the barrier to entry is really low. It's definitely worth the money to get a good editor to let your writing shine through. I suggest you pitch to publications that might accept your writing. If there's an industry publication go there. That's how I got my first few articles published.Pitchwhiz has lots of calls for articles, etc. so that's another place to look.If you're worried about not having clips to send with your pitch then you can write Op Eds or personal essays -- usually they require the whole article to be submitted anyway.