Some advice/insights for career changers breaking into tech from a new Pinterest engineer!

Hi friends! I'm so thrilled to announce that I've accepted a role at Pinterest as an Apprentice Engineer after starting my job search 3.5 months ago! 🎉 It's been a crazy ride and to pay it forward, I put together a bunch of advice and insights that I've picked up along the way. Hopefully this will help someone else in their journey! ❤️
Congrats on your new adventure, Alison!!! Sounds like you've been hustling and it's certainly paid off! Great tips in your article, btw. I agree, networking and connecting with folks outside your network is so key. AND the "cold-calling" part is so interesting. I heard somewhere a great way to look at networking like a bank account. You have to keep depositing (making GENUINE connections, meeting people, learning more about them) and at some point hopefully you'll have an opportunity to "cash out". My favorite quote, "nobody wants to be sold to, they want to go shopping with friends." lol So true! Thanks for sharing and I wish you all the best of luck! Please give us all an update in a few months on how things are going!
Thanks so much Hannah!! That's a great analogy! I like to think of networking as a garden: You plant a ton of seeds, knowing that some of them will be eaten by birds or washed away by the rain. As the seeds sprout and grow, they could be eaten by bugs, deer, etc, but likely SOME of them will grow into fully fledged flowering plants! We need to keep watering and tending that garden, even if we aren't currently looking for something, so that if or when we are, we'll have flowers/herbs/veggies ready to go! 😊 I also think it's really fun to meet new people and learn about their journeys no matter what!
I think that is a way more accurate way to describe networking. You're right because not everyone is going to be receptive. I'll have to use that one moving forward :)
Congratulations!! What a win, and thank you for writing up all of these tips and sharing with the rest of us!
Thanks so much Teresa! Hoping it helps someone! ❤️
Congrats! Would you be able to send over an invite for the women in tech slack group? Enjoyed reading your article.
Thank you! The invites are individual by email, so if you send me your email I'd be happy to put in the request!
Appreciate it! Email is [email protected]
Request sent! :)
Thank you!
Congrats @alisonquaglia! :) 🎉 Happy to see more women join our ranks 😃
Thank you!