Conducting QUICK, FUN Market Research Interview for FashionxTech Startup!!!

Got 30mins? Do you love and buy luxury Fashion? Awesome! Let's talk! :)
Thanks Deborah! Do you want to share a bit more details about the research e.g things around what you'd want to find out/purpose, how the research will be used (if you plan on keeping things anonymous or some will be publicised), are there any particular incentives for folks to participate :) Would be very helpful!
Hi Iynna! Thanks so much for getting in touch with me regarding this! The survey is completely private/anonymous and the results will only will only be shared amongst my co founder and I. The purpose of the research is to gauge the market preferences amongst those who shop at a certain tier. We are building out a VR platform to respond to said needs. There are no financial incentives yet as we are bootstrapping it/out of pocket! :) You would definitely be helping out fellow women in the pursuit of a new business launch.