The link between IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and success has long intrigued psychologists, educators, and the general public. Historically, IQ scores have been seen as predictors of an individual’s potential for success. However, the correlation between IQ and success is more intricate than previously thought. This exploration delves into the nuances of success and examines how IQ may or may not fit into this complex puzzle.

thank you Mia for sharing! I have pinned this to read later very diligently! Curious what are your thoughts on the topic?
Interesting topic, but I wonder if the text of the article and author profile are AI generated? It’s a little strange
I finally read it and ah yes I see what you mean. The flags I picked up on:- a professor wrote it but no actual reference to any study -when googling the professor's name: i actually can't find a real profile except on Quora, and other random pages- the piece doesn't provide anything new per se and is descriptive at best.Anyway i'm rambling but that's why i now get annoyed when i see pieces on the internet that have the potential of being super interesting and thought provoking but then lose all kind of validity/credibility. You no longer know who and what to trust!