I sat down with Forbes to discuss the behind the scenes realities of my experience fundraising for my DEI startup as a Black female.

“What I wasn't fully expecting however, was the backend on the startup side with trying to raise funds and seeing that it wasn't just no’s that I would be receiving from investors saying there was no market for my business or that DEI was just a moment…I was also receiving inappropriate innuendos, conversations, flirtations, people sliding in my DMs, people interrupting my pitches to ask if I had a boyfriend…”

Kristina Ashley Williams, Founder & CEO


IG & Twitter: @KristinaXwill

We’ll done! And I’m sorry that you experienced that.
Wow, great read Kristina! I loved the analogy of watching a video and suddenly you’re not a racist, and that solution being problematic.
Makes the testimony that much greater as we scale. I'm determined.