Are you a dog person 🐢 or a cat person 🐱or both 🐢🐱? Why?

The Scollar team is always curious about people's relationships with their four legged family members. Please help us understand why you love having dogs or cats or both in your family. Thank you! ❤️❤️

I've had both...when I had my cat (who I was hilariously, severely allergic to), I thought my cat was a dog and swore I would always be a cat lady. That is, until I had my first pup. πŸ˜†
I don’t have any yet but I hope to have a cat in the future. Why? They are intriguing and cute πŸ˜„.
@Fari - cats are for sure intriguing and cute! ...and mischievous and weird... we currently have three cats and they keep us on our toes.
Grew up a cat girl, but we adopted a puppy during the pandemic so I'm both 🐢🐱!Cats are low key care wise and getting that first purr always feels like such an achievement. With our dog, it is *always* so fun to come home to someone who is so excited to see me.With both, earning trust is so heartwarming :-) And obviously, snuggles are never bad.
@MWags - yes! Trust is such a lovely thing. The snuggles make the long days melt away.
I grew up with various types of pets, as an adult I am a total cat person! πŸˆβ€β¬› 🐈 I can’t imagine my life without cats, they are fascinating, entertaining, and my life companions. I only rescue shelter pets, as I am not looking for anything more than companionship from them.
@TriciaK - thank you for that beautiful answer. And thank you for rescuing kitties. ❀️❀️
I'm a rabbit person :) Most bunnies have a mix of cat and dog-like personality traits, but they have totally different ways of seeing the world than cats or dogs since rabbits are prey animals. They are inherently anxious about lots of things, but when you earn their trust, they blossom! They're so fun-loving, and it's pure joy to watch them get excited to eat veggies or fruit. They dance when they're happy. Their ears are so expressive, and who can resist the fluffy butt? I adopted a bunny a few months ago, and I love my little floof!
@amrosnik Awww! Thank you for that! I was not inclusive in my question. Apologies for missing bunny folks in the group.🐰 They are indeed super sweet.
I'm not offended! I just wanted to give an unorthodox but truthful answer. Glad to hear you're a fan of bunnies, too!
When my daughters were young, we had a bunny for many years. He was a very sweet boy.
Awww! Thank you @amrosnik for sharing your bunny with us! They are adorable when they do their happy jumps.
@tamayogirl - mostly had dogs in my family so more familiar with raising dogs. I've played with cats at a friend's house. Seems like male cats seem to like me more lol
Thank you @dipishapatel for your response! Cats are funny creatures. I have three of them and have no idea why they are the way they are.
I love all critters! I currently have 2 dogs, 2 birds, and fish.I used to own cats but I am allergic. Ultimately I could never live without dogs
Oh that is a house full! Thank you @tiffaniscott for sharing your furry family!