Do you buy 🎁🎁 for your 🐢 and 🐱for the holidays? And if so, what gifts will you buy them?

Hello Amazing Elpha Community!

I am curious about people's rituals around the holidays with their pets. One of the most obvious things is gift giving. Do you buy presents for puppers and kitty and your other fur babies, like rabbits? And if so, what gifts do you like to give them? Stocking stuffers? Treats? Toys? Bones?

Thank you and I hope you all have amazing weeks! ❤️❤️

coflaherty's profile thumbnail
Yes! My dog has a stocking right alongside the rest of the family and she gets a bone or small treats in that, as well as a wrapped squeaky toy under the tree to "open" which is just as fun for us humans to watch as it is for her to open. :-)
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@coflaherty - Love it! Thank you for sharing. 😍
MorganLucas's profile thumbnail
Absolutely. Last year she got a new dog bed (That she is a touch too large for, but she likes it), and this year she has a little plush chicken leg that makes noise.
tamayogirl's profile thumbnail
@MorganLucas - thank you for your response. I bet she will be very excited with her new squeak toy. πŸ—
heidichristine's profile thumbnail
Yes! Absolutely, they're key members of the family. My cat doesn't like most things so he just gets treats and some catnip toys. My puppy is going to get some toys and a new brain-teasing game!
tamayogirl's profile thumbnail
@heidichristine - excellent! Treats and toys are sure winners. 😍
natsmillan's profile thumbnail
Yes! My dog has a stocking, gets xmas pjs or a scarf as well. Mostly either treats, or a new toy. This year we're not sure yet what we will get him.
tamayogirl's profile thumbnail
@natsmillan - all excellent gifts for puppers. 🎁
deannajstanley's profile thumbnail
My fur boy will get some treats and a new toy. He's family, of COURSE he gets gifts!
tamayogirl's profile thumbnail
@deannajstanley Excellent! And, yes! Or course. πŸ˜‰
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My spaniel is getting a new collar for Christmas so she looks her best for visitors 😁you just reminded me to get it ordered.
tamayogirl's profile thumbnail
@sallyd Ha ha. Great! I’m sure she will look beautiful. 🎁
amrosnik's profile thumbnail
Of course! I got my bunny some holiday-themed treats. I don't have a hearth to hang a stocking, but hearing how some folks have stockings for their pets makes me want to make an itty bitty stocking for the little dude!
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@amrosnik - you should totally get him a stocking!! That would be adorable.