Onboarding Executives: A Field Guide for Chiefs of StaffFeatured

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Great actionable steps to take! Appreciate the way you’ve laid this out as a master checklist to follow.
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So much value all wrapped up in one clean post, and such a generous offering of your expertise. Thank you!
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Thank you Jamie! I appreciate the kind words!
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Appreciate this post! In fact the company I work for just had a new CEO join last week. In my first meeting with him, he asked me to come with a list of recommendations, which I was happy to do :) In the week that he's been here so far, besides providing him with a basic roadmap of how our operations work, I've found that he prefers to set his own rhythm and plan for how he wants to be on boarded. The only advice I would add to yours, is that different execs (and people in general) have different styles, and so I always like to start by asking them how I can be helpful, how they prefer to communicate, etc.Agree that it's good to do everything possible to help them to hit the ground running!
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Thank you! Agreed!