Are you an employee resource group lead/member?

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Would you be interested in connecting with someone I know who launched the asian pacific islander ERG @ Coinbase? Pretty sure he'd love to talk and jam out on ideas.
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yes, that'd be amazing!
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I'm in the process of trying to kick off the creation / establishment of ERGs at my current company, so I would love to chat!
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Check out - there are dozens of folks who lead ERGs there!
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At Grubhub We have an employee resource group for parents too. We are starting to think about how to make this more inclusive and supportive for women. I am a working mother and the pandemic had especially been hard for women in workforce.. I would invite you to also consider providing a space for working mothers. I would love to help out if you wanted to discuss more on how we have started to think of ways we can amplify our voices moreThis heartbreaking article on how women who are under represented have been hit the hardest during the pandemic.