UX/UI Design mentorship/ job leads


I am transitioning from interior deisgn to UX/UI design, I am looking for mentorship and work experience. I appreciate any suggestions/ leads!

Thank you,


Hey Kaitlyn! I've consolidated your separate posts and tagged you design communities for you as well! (In the future you can tag multiple communities at the time of posting).As for mentorship, I'd recommend checking out for design mentors (it's free!)
Awesome, I super appreciate it thank you so much!
Hi Kaitlyn! My startup LevelUp ( is building a platform connecting women mentors & mentees and we have a lot of UX/UI design mentors onboard if you'd like to sign up. Feel free to message me here or email [email protected] with any questions :)
Awesome, I just signed up on the waiting list. I am really excited to get more connected. Thank you for reaching out!
Of course, thanks so much!
Hi Kaitlyn,I'm part of a great design mentorship community called ADP List free to sign up and to book session with mentors across the globe.
Hey Kaitlyn! My friends and I are building a dating app and can offer work experience. Most of the team are folks who are wanting to transition into software engineering or UX/UI and using the app as experience for their resume.
Hi Jes, I am so sorry for delay I just logged back in if you still have internship opportunities please let me know [email protected]