Advice on evaluating job offers from pre-seed startups?

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That sounds like a tough choice! Congrats on getting both offers!!I've used this as a framework before: least to me, the manager is a big factor. If you see a difference in the 2 managers and see who might be a better advocate for you, that might be a deciding factor as well
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I recommend trying to gather as much information as you can about the recent business and product decisions the founders/company has made. Are they on a steady course, or have they been pivoting to something new every 2-3 weeks because something is "not working" or an investor/advisor told them to try something different? The goal with a startup is to eventually gain some stability with their revenue model so as to not be totally reliant on funding/runway, and while obviously agility is key in the early stages, if you see the company constantly shifting focus that may be a red flag that they have more "shiny object syndrome" than a more solid revenue/product plan and target market. That could be a helpful deciding factor for you and make you feel more comfortable with your selection!Best of luck, and congrats on both offers!
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Congrats on the offers 🎉🎉I would emphasize asking about 4) funding. Get to know who the investors are / if proven investors are backing the founders. Also, gut check if you believe the founders are able to raise $$ in the future to keep the business going.