When is it too early to switch jobs?

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I'm sorry to hear your friend's new job isn't matching expectations, that's really rough. I would definitely bring it up with the manager again, maybe in a different way and see which projects she could take on, if there's any ongoing that fit her interests. Having a suggestion might be helpful.As for leaving after 5 months, if she's truly unhappy, and doesn't have a record of leaving companies quickly, I don't see it being harmful. If she has other places where she's worked for more than a couple of years, I think employers typically understand that you may not have had a good experience.
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People don’t place the kind of weight on changing jobs quickly that they used to. If she’s miserable, she must move somewhere that she won’t be miserable. The only bridges she’ll potentially burn are the ones that she doesn’t want to cross any more so it doesn’t matter!
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there is no too early to switch jobs :-D
She should go to her boss and say, “My understanding was this job’s mandate was to drive strategic initiatives like X and Y. So far my role has been purely administrative, and I’m concerned that this might reflect a larger misalignment in how we’re both holding this role.” Then see what her manager says. Maybe she’ll hear that this was a temporary measure while they looked for more admin support, or that a strategic project is in the pipeline. Or maybe she’ll hear that, yes, there was a misunderstanding and, yes, this role is fundamentally administrative. And if she’s not interested in a purely administrative position, she needs to be prepared to hold the line — and that may not go the way she wants! But if she doesn’t say something, then her role is going to calcify into what it is currently, and this is the only way to potentially avoid that.