Struggling with current JD

Hello everyone, im asking for a genuine advice.

i got my current job as a hybrid between business Analyst/ coordinator that bridge between Business Owners and Vendor.

im only 2 months in and I feel like this job doesnt suit me much since I am not a technical person. I am more of a project coordinator.

my boss gives me a hint, subtly, that if this is not something I like, I should tell him.

i am considering to not pursue, but what should I say to him and I have yet to find another job offer.

appreciate your kind advices.

Hi Anon! This is indeed a tricky situation but not at all an uncommon one so don't feel like you are on your own in any way. I am glad you asked us here :) It sound like you're pretty convinced this role is not really a fit for you given the skills it requires and those you currently have. I know you said you are thinking of not pursuing further. Before we move that direction can I ask: do you like the work itself and do you see yourself trying to pick up those skills anytime in the future? Or is it just a no and you'd rather cut it off now.It sounds like your boss might have picked up that it's not a role in which you're thriving and it's possible it is reflected in the quality of your work? I'd try to have a conversation with him and being upfront that you think the work is really interesting and a good opportunity for someone with XYZ technical skills. Unfortunately, you don't feel up to par with the role because your skills aren't aligned with the demand of the role. You'd love to be able to support him in any capacity and curious if there are roles you can fill in the org (perhaps as you seek other roles) and/or part time roles or contractor positions for you (try to feel him out if you think it is something he would be open to, I have seen some bosses who just really love ther employees and even if it doesn't work out for a said role, they'd want to find ways to keep them around possibly in a diff capacity)? In the meantime, you should start looking for roles asap so you get started with those convos!