Hello 👋👋

🙂With the support of the UNIR Spanish University I'm doing a study about the internships and work experience of the college students, I'm looking at some students who want to participate in giving their opinions.

👉I'm conducting this study to start the creation of a website to help college students to develop in-demand, modern, hard and soft skills related to technology and also get practical experiences in tech startups.

I would appreciate your support.

Thank you!!!

Hey Angelica! Thanks for sharing this - as a housekeeping note, letting you know I've removed your duplicate pos!
I am interested in this and I am a full-stack web developer.
Love it! So are you trying to place students in internships now or are you mostly doing some research to eventually build something along those lines? And are you looking for students in Spain/EU? Or globally?
Hello Iynna, thanks for replying, for the first question, yes, I'm doing research to build the business idea and place the students with opportunities. Right now, I'm more focused with American students, but I have European students too.