😎FREE PASS to CogX Festival 2021

Hello everybody 👋 🔦I want to share with you today the opportunity to attend CogX Festival for FREE. Have access to the premium ticket for FREE, it cost generally €354. 👀What you can have?📱Access All Open Side Events: Join public side events and immerse yourself in interactive learning experiences with like-minded people from around the world 🤓Premium Level Networking: Unlock new opportunities and spark promising conversations with all Premium pass holders through chat and 1:1 video calling📱Learn From The Experts: Explore 18 diverse topics, 1,000 world-class speakers and tour 300+ innovative organizations in our virtual interactive Expo🏙Access all 18 stages and get inspired via the CogX Festival Platform.🗣Engage with your favorite speakers through live Q&As.👥Network with all Premium pass holders through 1:1 audio/video calling.👨Take part in open side events for interactive learning and networking.👀Explore over 300 innovative organizations at the Virtual Interactive Expo.📢📢USE THE CODE👉 ANLREFUP👈 to get your FREE PASS
It says the promo code is invalid :(
Hello, try this code "ANLREFUP" let me know if this work for you please.
I tried Mahsa's code first, which worked. I copied and pasted your code from the post before you edited it, so it was "ALREFUP". Thanks for fixing it though. :)
Check out "ALLREFUP". It worked for me.
That worked, thanks!
You're welcome!