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Wow, Ms. Liberato! I just... woah. Finding Elpha this evening was a remarkable feat in and of itself, but to then begin exploring and to have already been exposed to and invited into an /additional/ community which is perfectly aligned with so much of what compels and motivates me - I must admit, if it were not for the fact that I seriously at this point feel I have waited my entire life for these moments to culminate and happen, I would feel a bit overwhelmed. Okay, okay. Maybe I do feel a bit overwhelmed. But in the BEST way possible and imaginable. To discover Elpha and then this Women in Cloud movement in the same evening? It is quite literally 4:01 AM here in Midwest U.S. and I cannot sleep, because I am engrossed in acclimating myself to these platforms and communities and becoming acquainted with the rock stars that are going to be responsible for the new dawn of the next era. This is truly amazing and so deeply appreciated, thank you endlessly for sharing this. I have just signed up for it and will continue to properly explore it, but I have identified right off the bat that Women in Cloud would have the potential to make quite a remarkable DOA initiative and community if there would be any interest in that. Anyway, thank you. PS: I also noticed that you are the founder of Visitmind - first, congratulations! And second, amazingly powerful potential. I started off in EdTech back when my entrepreneurial career first took off a decade ago and will always have a soft spot for it. If you would ever like to exchange synergies and explore whether there might be any opportunity for us to collaborate and/or work together, I would be more than happy to do so. If not, no worries! Just figured I would toss the invitation out there.
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Hello Briana, thanks so much for your kind message. I received the notification that you joined Women in Cloud. I'm glad that you have found it, I hope that you can achieve your goals.I have been part of Elpha for more than 1 year now, is great place to do networking, find opportunities and connect. Women in Cloud, I have been for more 1 year too, I had the opportunity to participate the last year in the event, and it was a really nice experience, if you wish to participate I can send you a link of discount, the community is a very supportive place, I hope that you have a great time there too. Yes, recently I found about DOA, and WIC is a place working on this too.Yes, I'm the founder of VisitMind, thank you. That is very nice to heard that you have been involved in ed-tech industry too, I'm giving my first steps, early stage, hoping to launch. Yes, I'll be glad to talk with you, feel free to DM, and we can schedule a call, no problem.