Entrepreneurship Support for Kids

Hi everybody, I'm supporting this event, and I would like to share this with all of you-Ultra Education C.I.C exists to inspire positive and lasting change in the lives of young people who would otherwise suffer from the disadvantage of their starting point. the vision is that all children and young people regardless of background or social standing have access to essential entrepreneurial education, focussed on those from minority communities for whom the existing education system does not deliver, teaching entrepreneurship 7-18 yrs old in schools and clubs across the U.K.-You can check here the app that they created where they offer content related to the entrepreneurship to the kids, "Entrepreneurship Tuition For Kid", 2020, Ultra Education C.I.C will host The World's FIRST Online Youth Business Fair EVER, EVER, EVER with 50, YES - 50 YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS!!, This event will be Live on Zoom! See the youngest and brightest entrepreneurs showcase their products and services at the UK's #1 kids business fair!, These young entrepreneurs DO WHAT THEY LOVE, make money from it and motivate and inspire their communities. Check here,!!! If you really want to contribute to this cause and support these little kids, here is how you can be involved !!
I love this! What a great way to support young entrpreneurs. I wonder if there's something like this in the US. Thank you for sharing!
Hi Marie, yes, this initiative is very valuable, I think that by now, it is only available in U.K. I'm not sure if there is a similar program in U.S. it would be awesome see this initiative in another countries.