What tech/career growth/management podcasts do you listen to and why do you find them useful?

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Hi there! I'm biased (I manage this podcast) but Better Product is an awesome show for diving deeper into important topics in tech/product. We built this show to be like How I Built This but with actionable details and helpful insights for the people actually doing the work! If you end up listening I'd love to hear what you think 😊 https://betterproduct.community/podcast/better-product/
Hi Ellie,Really like the idea of discussing how a product was built but with actionable details. Sounds like a great theme. Will check it out, thanks!
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Oh I love this question! I’m always looking to expand my own library and there are so many options out there - excited to hear what everyone recommends. I do tend to go through phases on which ones I’m listening to. These are currently in rotation:1) Negotiate Anything: this is a negotiation podcast and honestly I would recommend it to everyone. Even if you think you don’t need it because you’re not in sales, we are negotiating daily in so many different aspects. If you only have time for one episode, I highly recommend listening to the episode from May 4th with Alexandra Carter (and also her book Ask For More is fantastic)2) My First Million is a podcast by The Hustle team (business newsletter) that really gets my creative/entrepreneurial mind flowing. I personally love hearing the different companies and paths people have taken and the wisdom that comes from their journey. 3) Revisionist History is Malcom Gladwell’s podcast. It’s not really business focused but I love that the driving force is to tell the overlooked and misunderstood stories. I’ve been listening to older seasons first so I can’t quite speak to the current (season 5) but the episodes in general seem to be very applicable to what is going on in the world. If you check any of them out, would love to hear your thoughts!
Hi Lauren, Thanks for the suggestions, they both sound like good podcasts to get in the right frame of mind, will check them out!
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I listen to Robinhood’s Snacks and TechCrunch’s Equity podcasts for tech and tech investing news. I love the other suggestions and will check those out!
Hi Liz,Thanks for the suggestions. Curious to listen to Robinhood's podcast in particular. If you're interested in economic news, do you subscribe to The Brew newsletter? I recommend it.
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Would love your thoughts on our Hello Career Guru Salon Podcast series and how it can help women in the Tech industry: Email me is helpful Suzanna@hellocareerguru.com: https://www.hellocareerguru.com/guru-salon-podcast
Just listening the first episode of your podcast done with PowerToFly. Fantastic discussion. Love it!
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@Sherley121 thanks so much for your nice note. Please spread the word about our podcast
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Hi, I love https://awesomeatyourjob.com/ - lots of tactical advice that helps you and your team grow; Masters of Scale - Reid Hoffman asks great questions and IDEO's creative confidence podcast because design is everywhere - from designing your career to how you interact with the world.
Hi Amanda,I've listened to masters of scale, def interesting. The IDEO podcast sounds intriguing. I'm currently working through the Design Your Life workbook which is a great exercise to do.
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I think “Unf*ck your brain” is a terrific podcast. Originally designed for women lawyers but now a coaching podcast.
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For tech/startup I like How I built this https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510313/how-i-built-this is quite good;For personal finance/management/personal growth: Paula Pant's Afford Anything https://affordanything.com and Jean Chatzky's HerMoney https://www.hermoney.com/
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Hello,I listen to quite a lot of tech podcasts which are focused on success entrepreneurs/companies:- How I Built This- Secret Leaders- This Week In Startups- My First Million- Indie Hackers- Techish- Skimm’d from the couch- The SaaS Podcast- Squiggly CareersLots of gems shared on each of them!
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Hi! I'm a huge podcast nerd and listen to a wide variety of shows. Some of my favorite tech/design/career ones are Overtime (design/career-focused), 99% Invisible (design/tech-focused), and Second Life (focused on women who have switched careers to pivot to a new industry). My friend also recently recommended Tech Won't Save Us, which I haven't checked out yet but looks like it gives an interesting and critical perspective on the tech industry.
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Hello to add to what is a great list:1. https://podcast.nfx.com/episodes2. https://howtofail.podbean.com/ - excellent failures stories jam packed with learnings
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There are some great ones in the comments below! A few others I love:-The a16z podcast-Acquired-Dear HBR-Greymatter-Stanford Pathfinders-Think Fast Talk Smart-The 20 Minute VC-Venture Stories
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I LOVE podcasts and subscribe to hundreds. My recent career faves are The Anxious Achiever and Black Women at Work.
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Girlboss 100% for career growth: https://www.girlboss.com/radio I also love how I build this and masters of scale!