Career tips! Needing change

Hey everyone! I'm newish to the tech world and looking to find my place. I have my BS in IT and worked at AWS as a Data Center Technician for over a year and enjoyed it. I had to move for my spouses career change and was unable to continue there. Now I'm a Sales Dev Rep at a software company. Love the company but realizing customer service and sales is not something I want to continue. I love helping people but the sales aspect is difficult and doesn't match my personality. I've been job hunting but because of my lack of experience - I'm having a hard time. Looking for suggestions on possible roles I can look for? any tips or advice please!

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This is exciting to hear you are at a pivotal moment of your life! @stephaniecn is terrific and as a career coach might be able to answer your questions! and @annamiller has often offered her support to Elphas! She posted smth that might give you some motivation too!
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Hi Amanda! Welcome to Elpha! I am happy to connect with you as well if you'd like. I pivoted to tech from HR. Feel free to message me :)