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Hi there!

I'm Sarah. I'm the Marketing Lead at Product Hunt. If you're not familiar with Product Hunt, we're a global tech community that connects makers and surfaces awesome products. We're at an inflection point as a company with new leadership/direction, funding, and vision, and I'm hiring a few roles to grow the team.

You'll work under myself, guided by the leadership of a seriously kick-ass group of women:

- Laura Mesa, VP of Marketing and Community (Former Sequoia, Facebook),

- Ashley Higgins, CEO (Former Reddit, Clearbit)

- Emily Hodgins, COO (Former Groupon, All around MVP)

I'm truly excited about these positions — they offer a unique opportunity to contribute your voice and leadership to tech. There is also flexibility; I'm more interested in your experience and passion for tech than titles.

100% remote, global team



If you think you would be a good fit, please apply and feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.


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Hey Sarah, Do you hire people on contract basis?