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Hello, Elpha!I'm hoping to leverage the power of the people here!I'm interested in taking a course on analytics specific to Learning & Development. Has anyone taken a course like this or have any recommendations? Most of the courses I see online are geared towards People Analytics in general and I think I would benefit from something more focused on L&D metrics.Thanks for your help in advance! Looking forward to your thoughts and insight.Cheers,Cara
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I would say that a good bet would be doing a general data analytics course such as the one created between google and Coursera and top up the knowledge with a few selected projects from kaggle datasets. Hyper specific courses tend to be weak on the maths/programming side 😊
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Thank you, Susana! I really appreciate the perspective and checked out the Google + Coursera Analytics course. It looks like it’s a great fit for my aim, especially since it seems like a few of the modules are tackled from the perspective of L&D professionals as well! Thank you for this recommendation.
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If you're looking to increase general analytics skills like Susana suggested above, I'm currently doing a Business Analytics program through Coursera that has been really interesting so far (I'm only one week in, so still quite early). It's a general overview of data structures and sources, tools for analysis, and interpreting and conveying results. [https://www.coursera.org/specializations/data-analytics-business]There was also a People Analytics course I came across in another business analytics specialization I was looking at [https://www.coursera.org/learn/wharton-people-analytics?specialization=business-analytics]. That might be geared more towards what you're looking for.
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Thank you for these recommendations, Megan! Great to hear the Business Analytics course is working out well so far. As Susana recommended, I’ll likely supplement the general analytics courses with more people/L&D-focused topics so this will be great to keep in the bank. I appreciate it!
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Hi, @carazamora - Before founding Humaxa, I worked for a small HR Tech startup called ProBusiness that got acquired by ADP. I ended up running one of ADP's Learning & Performance organizations (for National Accounts) and I'd be happy to chat with you offline if you think it would help. :)
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Hi Carolyn! I appreciate this message and the offer to connect further. What pivotal work you must have been doing in several ways and spaces! I’d love to talk more and will go ahead and reach out directly.