How to answer the ‘Why do you want to work at our company?’ questionFeatured

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Very crisp post and the 3 top-level summaries, gonna be very handy to many out there. Thanks much for sharing!
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That's how I typically tend to answer this question and anything related to "why us vs someone else" ie. why are we a match! I love it thank you for this breakdown @EmilyLamia!
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Great to hear Iynna!
I would suggest the response is tightly linked to where and when it is asked in the interview. Unless you are in later stages of this process often you don't know completely that you do want to work at the company. If its asked in the first interview and by a recruiter and you applied for the job (vs being recruited) then the response should be, I am qualified for the role per the job description and could add value to the function and team and am interested in what the companies mission and purpose are.... or something like that. If you have been recruited at the same step it should be I am still gathering information and my interest in what the company does is there and I would like to continue to find out if there is alignment. If its in later stage the response can be far more nuanced, and if the hiring manager is the one asking then the response should be more direct to what they want someone to do in the first 30-60-90 if you know. Gauging interest is often what companies do to eliminate people who they think lack passion for the role or company mission so be sure to not go in unprepared about who they are and what they do.
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Thanks for this great advice! The breakdown is really useful to me since I get overwhelmed by all the information I think I need to cover.
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@EmilyLamia this was AMAZING!!! Thank you so much, I'll let you know when I get the job!
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This is such an amazing post and love the clear advice and example used, would def carry this forward to any interview in the future!!