Assertiveness for Women Training??

Does anyone have any recommendations for good trainings/workshops/PD for women looking to become more assertive? I have a client who is struggling being assertive, but not arrogant, and expressive, but not a bully/nuisance. Her company is willing to invest in resources for her! Thanks!
super thanks! That first one is one she had heard of so that's great to hear.
Are they a person of color? If so Ceiling Breakers - - might be a good program.
She's a white woman - but this is great to know about as well!
I highly recommend this course: did it and it was brilliant! The next bond starts this summer.
SUPER thanks Julia!
IMPACT, a non-profit self-defence group, has great assertiveness trainings that they are doing virtually these days. Super affordable too. Their in-person classes are AMAZING as well.
I'm the founder of, it's a negotiation training platform, where we help people communicate authentically and with emotional intelligence to achieve their goals through courses and role play practice sessions. We're in the very early stages now, but the effects of our members have been dramatic, just today I got an email from someone who diffused a tense meeting between two factions at work and helped them come up with a solution by using the principles and tools learned in our program. DM me if you'd like more info!
My business, Speakwell, provides transformative public speaking and communications coaching/training. After just a couple of (virtual) coaching sessions, your client will have the mindset and tools necessary for robust confidence, assertiveness, and higher levels of success at work and beyond. Please feel free to pass on my direct contact info ([email protected]) or visit my site!
Super thanks Jordyn! Will pass along
@EmilyLamia I highly recommend you / your client check this CH hosted by Elpha and led by our powerhouse member @shivaniberry
Ooo wonderful - thanks iynna!
Thanks @iynna for the rec.@EmilyLamia - If your client wants to dive deeper into being more assertive and build habits around this, I recommend her checking out Ascend's Leadership Program. It's an online program for women to learn the skills and actionable frameworks to get buy-in, have difficult conversations (including pushing back against dominant personalities), overcome imposter syndrome, and several more topics. You can learn more here: Either of you can message me if you're interested in joining the program starting on June 28th.