Hi Elphas!

My company is offering our popular Career Mapping Workshop virtually on Tuesday, December 5th. Feel free to share the info below!

Career Mapping Workshop

Tuesday, December 5 | 6 - 8pm ET / 3-5pm PT | Online via Zoom

If you’re ready to figure out your next career move, this workshop will help you map out potential paths that fit your strengths, and analyze those options strategically to identify future work that will be most meaningful to you.

This 2-hour workshop first guides you through the results of your CliftonStrengths assessment (you’ll take the assessment before the workshop and get a personalized report with your unique talents!). Then we’ll share a role and industry landscape plus other resources so you walk away with a clearer map of where you want to go next – and clear steps you need to take to get moving.

Learn more & register here.

Super interesting! I had never heard of the CliftonStrength assessment but this sounds interesting!
Ooo it's probably my #1 most favorite diagnostic tool. You can read about how it works and the history of the tool here: