Creating a safe space at work

Hi everyone,

This is my first post but I have seen a lot of wonderful headlines and insightful advice within this community.

To keep this short - at my company we have a book club and the current book we are reading is by Mary-Frances Winters called Inclusive Conversations: Fostering Equity, Empathy and Belonging Across Differences.

The question we are exploring is "how do we facilitate a safe space at work?".

I would love to crowdsource thoughts on this question as it is such a critical part of any organization and we are still trying to figure out how we can do this.

Any and all thoughts are very much appreciated.

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Hello! New to this platform but excited to chat with you! Feel free to send me a DM (I think that’s a thing here? :))
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Love that you posted this because we recently ad this convo here, take a loot here
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Thanks so much iynna, looks like such a great conversation, I will definitely take a deep dive :)
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Hey @dyadigs wonderful question! Here are my cents as a leader I facilitate safety at work by creating and nurturing a culture of: 1. learning where failures besides best practices are welcome to share and to learn from as a team 2. constant feedback loop between manager - team members and among the team : ideas, insights, constructive feedback welcome3. appreciation : finding ways to reward not only great results but actions through kindness, effort4. trust : everyone is encouraged to find the way of working and schedule that best fits their lifestyle / family 5. transparency as a leader: no hidden agenda and communication of the work I'm doing during the days6. performance reviews through KPIs and career model progress (skills development) to ensure the highest level of objectivity7. team diversity : brainstorming individually , team events , hiring not only one type of profileI'm sure that there are more, but these came into my mind. Interested to read the outcomes of your research! :)
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Thanks so much Katalin, I think so too. All of these points are sooo true and useful. I think both number 4 (trust) and 5 (transparency as a leader) are really core in this process.