I just published "How to Be Your Own Mom" , with 3 tips on how to really care for yourself .

If you're interested in self-awareness and would like to read it - lI'd be super curious to hear any feedback!

And also curious to know: What kinds of shifts in perception have helped you to be your own Mom?

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This title is so catchy and I love it! I actually spent this week missing my mom who I have not seen since May 2019 .. :-( I will try to take care of myself like I was my own mom though :)
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Thank you for sharing this! It’s so important to heal “the mother wound”. The shifts in perception and actions that have helped me are:1 - let yourself truly grieve your loss of not getting what you needed. this can’t be skipped.2 - learn self-soothing techniques and learn and practice self-worth.3 - reparent your inner child. Literally have conversations with yourself catching triggers, emotional flashbacks, seeing the true reality, and comforting yourself 4 - give yourself compassion and grace. The way you are is a result of you smartly adapting to survive adverse situations and now you simply need to adapt to a different way. How lovely it is that we can instinctively protect ourselves this way, now it’s just time to learn a different way.
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That is all so true ♥️🙉 thank you for the reply!!
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Great catchy title. I think one important shift is to know that no one can pour from an empty cup. In order to provide good care you have to care for yourself too.
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