Wrote a case study on how First Round Capital, a seed-stage Venture Capital has defined its brand identity with its publication First Round Review to become a media first brand.

With a razor-focused and consistent content marketing strategy, First Round has successfully pulled off long-form, thought leadership content to distinguish itself from others. Today, it's a respected business publication that gets bookmarked!

Here's how they did it, published under our 'Media First Brand' newsletter 👇

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The Office Hours with Camille Ricketts has really been helpful and we have linked the same on the footnotes. Also, that's how I came to know about this amazing community! :)



Our next issue will be on how Mailchimp, an Intuit acquired $12 billion bootstrapped email marketing SaaS became a media brand, so do subscribe!

Let me know which creator or company would you want us to examine next!

Thank you for sharing! How did you get interested in First Round Capital and spec their marketing opportunity?Generally speaking, you might want to read a few HBS cases that go deep into good strategies!
I found their content strategy to be unique and very consistent, which is why I picked it up. I have written a case study for Slack and Harvard Business Review as well! You are definitely right about HBR - they earn millions as well!One can read them here: write case studies on creators and companies building their own publications to become media first brands