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"Use your values to know WHY you’re making decisions" - YES YES and sometimes (at least in my life) I have done things, making decisions, which I thought were trivial when in fact they were a reflection of what truly mattered to me. So I'd even venture and say, if you are having a hard time uncovering your WHY, think about the mundane things you do every day - why you tuck your bed a certain way, why you chose to sit on a particular chair - it's magical how much through this process you get to know yourself!
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I love this, Iynna, our strengths and values do show up in the tiniest ways in our lives and it's fun to discover them.
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Great post thank you. Just this week I realised I was pursuing something because someone else thought I should do it and would be good at it, I allowed my ego to lead not my values. I’m 50 and still figuring this stuff out through the development of a plan for my next 5 years. Hard stuff but really important for me otherwise I run the risk of it controlling me rather than.....
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You're welcome. It really is a never-ending practice to look at what WE want. I acknowledge you for continuing to bring it back to your values and noticing when others are dictating the plan.
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"Whatever you’re trying to hide or camouflage is actually your biggest differentiator." Yes x10000. Great post Lindsay!I'm also someone with a lot of interests so the idea of taking the time to distinguish which make good hobbies vs work resonates with me.Also, I've had this really great volunteer experience over the past year where all these disparate skills I have came together to make me perfectly equipped to have meaningful impact on the group I was serving. It was a good reminder that I thrive in roles where I have to wear many hats and get to exercise a variety of skills that might not typically be bundled into one standard job description.
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Thank you!! I believe this SO strongly. Love hearing your story of how all your skills have come together to create an incredible impact. We all have so much to give and our unique experiences make it possible.
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Hi, Lindsay! You're amazing! Thank you for sharing with the Elpha community. :)
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Thank you! Such a pleasure to share.
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This is fabulous. Thanks for sharing your story, Lindsay. I especially love how you're incorporating a value-driven mindset into your career decision making.
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My pleasure, I hope it helps people feel better about where they are. It has been so calming to use values as a way to make decisions with confidence!
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"I follow my interests, pay attention to where I find energy, and keep my eyes open for my next experiment." This is such a great way to go about it!
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Thank you! I find that it has SO much less pressure than needing to have it all "figured out".
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This is such a beautifully written post, Lindsay -- thank you for generously sharing your wisdom and learnings. A moment that really resonated with me was the differentiation between how your values play out in a hobby vs. a career -- it's such a good distinction. As someone who is naturally curious and enjoys trying new things, I often will find a new joy and then wonder why I'm not doing it FT, when in actuality, transitioning it into a career may not make the most sense or give me the freedom I am seeking. Love this share!
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Thank you Jennifer, I appreciate your kind words. It really is very powerful to be able to distinguish between career and hobby and feel confident in that decision. I hope it gives you lots of freedom in your choice to dabble and explore!
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I LOVE this, Lindsay! I’m a human-centred conversion copywriter about to launch my personal brand. I’m in the process of aligning my values with my skills (and another winding career path over here) so this post came at the perfect time! Thank you :)
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Wonderful, so glad to hear it and congrats!! I really think the majority of us have winding career paths and I want more people to see that it's normal.
There are so many gems in this article. Thank you for sharing!
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You're very welcome, really glad to hear it.