Do you know what keeps so many talented, driven, smart, and capable women, including myself, back from owning our worth and making our mark in the world? It’s a lack of trust in ourselves. Throughout my career, I struggled with the fear of rejection and feelings of not being good enough. I felt alone navigating challenges at work. Self-advocacy felt risky, not empowering. I experienced fear and self-doubt when it came to negotiation, leadership, and finances. I felt stuck and didn’t know what to do next - so I just kept “doing” without a clear path ahead. I was busy trying to prove myself instead of trusting in myself.Like many of you, I thought the path to success was doing more and giving before receiving. I thought I would be recognized and rewarded for doing the “right” thing. And like many of you, I burned out on the people pleasing path.The good news is there is a different way. The world needs your voice, expertise, gifts, and confidence now more than ever! It’s time to take charge of your future by stepping into your power. If you want the tools to feel calm and confident as you grow into your next level of personal leadership and career success, then The Activator® is for you! If you’re ready to be challenged in all the good ways and you’re willing to be vulnerable in order to learn from the past, then apply today for the Fall 2020 program!The Activator® is a journey to confident leadership. It allows you to activate your true potential and step into your power by releasing money fears and the pressure to prove yourself, and instead take inspired action to own your worth and create the life of your dreams.Like me, you probably have dreams of making the world a better place - for you, for women, for our children, for our families. But perhaps there’s a voice within you questioning: “who am I to speak up, who am I to teach, or who am I to ask for more?”I created The Activator® to show you exactly why YOU ARE WORTHY of speaking up, sharing your expertise, and asking for more. I had the tools and language to grow my career and yet those same voices of self-doubt held me back until I learned how to believe in myself first and foremost. My personal and professional growth skyrocketed when I finally hired my first coach, and want the same for you!It’s time for you to step into your power and lead. My life changed when I chose to own my worth. I was able to let go of my dream job and paycheck working in HR to step into the unknown. I started my own business -even when I had no idea what would happen - because I learned to trust in myself. I learned that there was more than one path to make an impact. I learned how to uncap my earnings. I learned to pave my own path to success, and it’s helping you believe in yourself so you too can create your own path to success.The Activator® will give you the tools to confidently own your worth, create a plan of action, and negotiate for the life and career you want. Our group coaching program is kicking off on September 25th, and it’s a safe community to learn from and lean on for the duration of the program and beyond! Click here for the full program overview: joining the community you will activate your power, potential, and future by choosing to show up for yourself in a new way. You will create space to hear your truth, trust in yourself, and tap into your inherent worthiness. You’ll make small, sustainable changes to create abundance, let go of the past, and move forward. You’ll gain clarity by being in motion because it gives you the ability to pivot and information to quiet self-doubt. When you take inspired action from a place of peace and confidence your entire life transforms!Clients who have completed the program have confidently negotiated $30,000 promotions and doubled their salary by landing new jobs. They have quit their corporate gigs to create businesses they had only ever dreamed about as “someday” options. Two Activator clients have even said “yes” to love! Clients receive tangible and monetary rewards for investing in themselves but the biggest return on their investment is feeling deserving of asking for more and worthy of receiving.I would love to show you how you too can learn how to activate your potential by believing in yourself. I made mistakes growing my career in Human Resources even with the resources and privileges I had, but what I now know to be true is this: When you live from a worthy place and trust in yourself, there is no such thing as failure. The best bet you can ever make is on yourself - are you ready to take charge of your future?Doors close September 10th or when all spaces are filled.Apply here:
@ashleypare - this is amazing! Congratulations on launching this and being an inspo to many other women out there!A couple of months ago I met @ramonashaw who runs an exec leadership coaching practice and I loved my interactions with her! :)
Aww @iynna, thanks for the shoutout and so good to see your name pop up! Loved our conversations too!
Of course - meant everything I said! I hope you two can connect too :-)
Thanks @iynna! Coaching changed my life so I'm so glad it's impacted yours as well :)
And now paving the way - tons to be proud of :) !