Job Pressure Relief Party!

I'm celebrating 4 years in business this week (I'm a career coach for analytically minded people) and for fun, I'm having a job pressure release party for anyone who wants to join. I talk to so many people about the pressure they feel about their job and it turns out everyone thinks it's just them!So come connect with others around a topic that feels so unique and lonely. I promise you'll leave the party feeling less pressure and more relief around your career! Details are below:You're Invited!What: A party to relieve as much pressure about your job as humanly possibleWhere: My corner of the interwebs ( This Wednesday, July 22nd, 12-12:40pm PTWhy: It's my 4th business anniversary and I am on a mission to help you feel less pressure about your jobWhat to bring: Instead of presents please bring allllllll the pressure and mean voices in the echo chamber of your own headSee you there!