Two setbacks, four steps forward: lessons from getting rejected from YC and losing my cofounderFeatured

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What a wonderful story & message - thank you for sharing @Solene ! ❤️
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Thanks a ton for the kind words, Lani! 🙏
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THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this. I had actually gone through a similar experience a few weeks ago. Only in my case it wasn't over funding. I had initially partnered with an executive coach (the company is an emotional intelligence training platform) , because he understood the challenges professionals face. And he's SO INSPIRING. The problem was that in reality, he was also working on his coaching business, a corporate events business, some other projects and even a book! He also heavily favored the consulting, live events model which took resources away from developing the platform. It was upsetting me, and what I realized is that it was because of the disconnect between the vision and what we could do treating it like an add-on to a coaching gig or a side hustle. We had to go our separate ways, and even though it made me sad because I actually really like the guy... but I *love* the vision of the business because I know it can help a lot of people who aren't able to get help now. What I learned was that it's not the set backs that set us back, it's how we interpret them. I interpret the split as a blessing, that I know it's more important to have the right team than to try to accommodate everyone. Also, things are moving a lot faster now because I'm not waiting for him, or holding back as to not overwhelm him with possibilities. Anyway, thanks for talking so candidly about this. People tend to think that business breakups are bad, but they really aren't... it's about letting go so you can be everything you can. <3
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Thanks so much for sharing your story Jennine, it seems like we faced very similar challenges :)Building a company with the right co-founder(s) can be so much fun and fulfilling, but it definitely has to be the right fit... It's sometime hard to know when to make concessions or not.
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It's really nice of you to share your experiences so candidly. I strongly felt that your introspective and optimistic nature helped you travel forward and see things in a new light. Lovely read and I wish you the very best!
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Many thanks for the kind words!
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Thank you so much for sharing, it came at the right time. I might have to let a potential cofounder go but I also see it as a blessing because it’s happening very early and I can quickly recalibrate. Your story also made me realize it’s going to be okay :)
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I'm glad it was helpful! Letting go of a potential cofounder is never easy but it will be okay 🙂
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Thanks for sharing your story with such candor Solene. The Frankl quote is a great idea, and one of the core notions I've held to.We have the same podcast list--HIBT is still my favorite one! Hope you enjoy the DR--learned how to windsurf there so am sure kiting will be terrific there!
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Thanks for your kind words, Yaya - I really appreciate it! I'm having a wonderful time in Cabarete, things are almost back to "normal" 🏖
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Thanks for the advice. All of your points are important no matter what you're working on - for me it's staying positive and focused during a long and difficult job search that's had a lot of twists and turns. Turns out that though it's a great time to look for a remote job, it's also a terrible time because millions of people are now looking for the same thing. Turning setbacks into opportunities and being kind to myself are things I struggle with every day. Best of luck and thanks for the encouragement!
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YES to staying positive and turning setbacks into opportunities 💪Best of luck with your search!
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Thank you so much for the honesty! Setbacks happen, and it's so helpful to others when it is openly discussed.
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Thanks, Ashima! Happy to share so that it can help others :)
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Thank you for posting this! I really appreciate it!
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Thanks, @MelanieTam!
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Amazing story - thank you for sharing so openly.Would love to hear about your plans for the business now? I'm sure they are just as exciting as before.
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Many thanks for the kind words, @sophiehebdidge!The last few days have been very exciting for Snippyly - we just launched on Product Hunt ( and got featured in ComputerWorld ( which drove a lot of new signups 🙌On Blissen side I'm waiting to hear back about a grant opportunity to support low-income older adults in San Francisco - fingers crossed 🤞
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Good luck with it all - sounds incredible. I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more from you
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Thanks a ton for the encouragements, Sophie - it means a lot!
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Well-stated and so much that resonates here: the harm of the comparing mind, the joy that comes from focusing on the work not the outcome, the way pressing pause and pursuing other interests--art, sport, meditation--can unblock the mind and allow us to find new people with whom to build and unexpected, creative ways forward. Also a Xoogler working on something to help seniors live their best lives. Well done and hope the waves are great in the DR!
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Thanks a ton for your comment, Jessie - I would love to hear more about what you're working on!
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@Solene, We have crossed paths at MEA! Your candid story reflects the journey you are on - so glad you shared it and that you have built in time to reflect and learn. I suspect it will lead to much success in what turns out to be the best fit for you.
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Thanks for the kind words Cathy <3