Best agenda for weekly syncs (small marketing agency)

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Hi Natalia, I've been both the managed and the manager here so wanted to share some thoughts! One of the first things I suggest is to have clear space for tactical vs high-level check-ins. I've seen it work where the first half hour/15 minutes is for those general business tasks (i.e. did you follow up with x/where are we at with x deliverable/what's due this week vs next week) and then the second is for the higher level catch up by client (i.e. which clients are happy/looking to potential scale-up/in danger of leaving) and then about the business (i.e. how much are we paying for our marketing tools and are they working/what is our sales pipeline/where are we in our three-month strategy/goals). I've found creating spaces for both helps make sure the whole check in doesn't become just tactics or just venting. I focus on processes and operations for marketing agencies (including my own!) a lot so this is a topic I love to geek out on and would love to be helpful on!