Is anyone else both a business professional and a 'spicy' creative? I struggle with my 2 social media personas!

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Hi there! I don't personally have an answer for you but I did want to share something I heard recently on Gary Vaynerchuk's pod cast ( @iynna @jikajika why am I so obsessed with him lol ) He got asked the same question and his response was so simple. He just doesn't worry too much about that. He does what he does in his ventures and focuses on true content. I think at the end of the day, being authentic is what really translates off the pages. That's just my initial thought, curious what others think!
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Well if you're cross promoting, and you still wanna show off your fly form, can you do those tutorials in a 1-piece outfit? A onesie? Or some other kind of form fitting outfit?Mix up the outfits, squirrel!That way people see your spicy body - and learn something at the same time. And no more censoring yourself. Hell, wear a one piece bathing suit and combat boots and teach in front of a white board. Give the people personality, spicy, but above all else - information they can use.
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Happy to help and do a call if you like. Suzanna Keith, Hello Career Guru: been soing social media thought leaders since it was invented. LOL
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I believe the trends of the future are authenticity and women not being pressured to fall either to the 'professional' category OR the "sexy" / "sensual" category (sic!). I believe these women who have guts and support to be the leaders in that will both enjoy and earn more. Having said that, leading the way is always risky. It still is what it is and merging both will probably give you more female paying clients but zero male client (lots of watchers).In that topic, some Instagram accounts inspirations: Emily Weiss, Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham, Joanna Przetakiewicz, Elaine Welteroth, Aliya Janell, Jessica Alba, Shay Mitchel. Personally I keep fingers crossed for you embracing who you are. Otherwise the world is losing your gifts and unique perspective.
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I feel this!! I've had a bunch of different jobs, some in the creative field (entertainment, aerial arts, polynesian dancer - hello coconut bra, etc.) and others less so. I always separated things but this time around, I won't be. A lot of the creative pursuits helped get me to where I am today (I'm a founder of a hygiene company) and are very much part of the story and what makes the business unique. Lean into it - it gives you a much more interesting perspective than everyone else ;)